Luxury Safari Tents

from Canvas and Tent

Luxury Tent image Canvas and Tent's own design team are there to advise and
design according to the customer's requirements and needs.

Depending on taste, each luxury tent has its own unique
character with finishings such as wooden floors and doors,
and gauze-clad windows.

Luxury features such as en-suite bathrooms, libraries,
a bar, or dining areas are available on demand.

Military Tents and products

from Canvas and Tent

Military camp image Canvas and Tent has been the largest supplier of canvas
and pvc products to the South African Defence Force
since the early 1970's.

Canvas and Tent is a preferred supplier to the United Nations
and other NGO's and is registered with many divisions such
as WHO, UNICHEF, UNDP etc. We have participated in disaster
relief supplies in South Africa, Turkey, Kosovo, DRC, Congo,
Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabawe, Swaziland,
Botswana and Namibia.

Accessories and Tents

from Canvas and Tent

Accessories image The Canvas and Tent range of accessories are designed to
be both durable and attractive. Made from the best materials
available, these items will give you lasting quality.

From the hardened adventurer to the street-smart executive,
you will find an accessory to suit your needs.

New Products

from Canvas and Tent

New products image At Canvas and Tent, we offer you the latest
in products and technology.

See the latest additions to our extensive
range of products.


tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and other adventure products

New products image

The BUSHTEC range from Canvas and Tent
is made for the Outdoor Adventurer.

Rugged, efficient and strong, every product is
designed to make your adventure as trouble-free
as possible.

Years of experience have allowed us to create a
range of products that perform under the harshest
of conditions.

Redeployable Camp Systems

New products image Our Company is the successful result of a strategic alliance
between Canvas and Tent and Weatherhaven, a Canadian
company, who have formed RCS to promote their combined
portfolio of products, services and expertise.

What's new

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EVA padded
Shoulder and
handle straps
Front pocket
Big mesh

25 litre Thermobag competition prize

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